Scalp Micorpigmentation vs. Hair Fibers: Which One Do You Need?

Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Fibers

Hair fall is a common condition that affects around 80 million Americans of all ages. It’s such a common problem that one quick Google search will flood you with a thousand products that offer instant solutions.

Some treatments and products promise 100% hair regrowth within a month; some provide you with minimal growth. Some are just fads, while some help you regrow hair—but only until you’re using their expensive product. Once you stop, all that hair falls out again. It’s exhausting.

Are you sick of spending hours researching which product is right for you? Or maybe you’re looking for more permanent options, but they weigh too heavy on your pocket right now. Thank the heavens, and consider yourself lucky to come across this article today!

We’re going to discuss Scalp Micropigmentation and hair fibers:  two quick and easy options that are guaranteed to give you instant results. They both work essentially in the same way—they create an illusion of a thicker head of hair by covering up your bald spots.

Here’s a side by side comparison of hair fibers and SMP treatment, so you can choose whichever option suits your lifestyle best.

What are Hair Fibers?

Hair fibers are pretty much exactly what they sound like—fibers that attach to your scalp. Hair fibers are products that attach to the strands of your hair and thicken them. They are used to add density to areas where your hair is thinning or bald spots. They’re made up of the same protein that is already present in your hair, known as keratin. The most common hair fibers included synthetic, wool, cotton, and keratin, with mixed fiber blends giving the best, most natural-looking results.

These hair fibers are available in a selection of colors, and you can choose one that matches your hair’s color for a natural look. They’re useful in camouflaging hair loss and hold onto your hair using static electricity. They come in the form of canisters and can be shaken or sprayed to the top of your scalp, and the end product is a thicker looking head of hair and need to be applied every day.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micorpigmentation vs. Hair Fibers

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP treatment is a non-invasive surgical procedure involving micro-needles to deposit pigment in the scalp. Similar to microblading, SMP creates the illusion of the presence of follicles, which leads to a thicker, denser look. It is administered only by an SMP specialist and uses equipment such as s needles and state of the art techniques and skills to inject pigment.

It’s like a tattoo for your scalp and is tailored to get the exact look you want. Here are some before and after images for you to get a better understanding:

Benefits of Hair Fibers

Since hair fibers already come loaded with static electricity, all you need to do is spray them onto the required place. They’re mostly hassle-free as compared to gels and other creams that hold your hair in place. They blend in with all types of hair textures, so it doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy, curly, or frizzy hair. They still look natural up close and are suited for individuals who lead an active lifestyle as most of them are wind and moisture resistant.

Unlike SMP treatment, hair fibers are non-surgical and do not require lengthy sessions or any sort of aftercare. They’re quick and easy to apply and can be used by both men and women. Hair fibers are also cheaper to buy as compared to surgical options.

What Are The Benefits of SMP Treatment?

Benefits of SMP Treatment

SMP treatment is a sure-fire solution to treat hair loss for both men and women. It’s super useful for those suffering from thinning hair around the scalp or receding hairlines, as it replicates natural follicles already present on your scalp.

The best part of SMP treatment is the fact that it’s customizable! There are various pigments available, and usually, a mix of pigments is applied in the first session to achieve the most natural color possible. Your SMP specialist also works with you to construct a hairline of your choice, so the look is tailored entirely to your preferences.

SMP treatment is long-lasting and permanent—unlike when using hair fibers, there is no need to reapply. The pigment does not fade quickly, and there is only a need to retouch once in 3–4 years! Also, each session lasts for 2–3 hours, and there is little to no disruption of a normal routine as it heals pretty fast.

SMP treatment is also very cost-effective, especially compared to other surgical methods of dealing with hair loss, such as hair transplants and PRP treatments. On top of that, you don’t even need to invest in any expensive aftercare products; it’s a one-time investment that will keep you happy for a long time.

Side-Effects of Hair Fibers

Keratin fibers contain high levels of harsh chemicals, which may cause irritation and itching. Keratin fibers also contain ammonium chloride, leading to a severe allergic reaction, such as asthma, fever, and rashes.

Some users have reported a greenish tinge on the scalp due to the fading of dyes, which is evident when exposed to sunlight. However, hair fibers don’t damage your current hair, nor do they prevent hair regrowth.

Cotton hair fibers have no known side-effects.

Side-Effects of SMP Treatment

SMP treatment is pain-free, as a local anesthetic is administered to the scalp before every session. Since it requires no incisions, there is little chance of infection, and there are no harmful side-effects of SMP treatment.

After SMP treatment, you are advised to refrain from picking at your scalp or doing anything that may disrupt healing. However, healing is pretty fast and doesn’t cause too many problems if taken care of properly.

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