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Owners of Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation Joseph, and Brittany work as a team. They’ve been changing lives for many years via charities, speeches, coaching, and donating; and together they have been doing Scalp Micropigmentation on the side to help their friends and family get their confidence back. But in February 2019 they are finally going to offer their services to the public. Their goal is to change as many lives as possible.

Brittany has been assisting in Mohs Micrographic Surgery in dermatology for 7 years, and removed Skin Cancer from over 7000 patients, and she truly loves making a difference in people’s lives. Joseph is an accomplished Motivational Speaker, with degrees in Business, and Information Systems. Joseph got the procedure in 2015, and fell in love with the results. When Brittany saw how amazing Scalp Micropigmentation looked on Joseph, they decided to learn the technique, and improve the lives of people struggling with hair loss. Their combination of skills make the Jittany Duo (Joe + Brittany = Jittany) the perfect team to help Men, and Women get their confidence back.

“Come to Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation, we guarantee you’ll look better than you did before you got the SMP Procedure.” – Jittany


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