What Is SMP

What Is SMP?

What is SMP?

SMP, or scalp micropigmentation, is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment for natural balding and hairline recession. It’s done by making multiple small deposits of pigment ink into the scalp, replicating the natural hair follicles on the human head. It can fill in bald spots, camouflage scars, or (in many cases) recreate an entire hairline.

It’s a lot like getting a cosmetic tattoo.

(Although there are some key differences.)

Why should I get SMP?

If you’re struggling with hair loss, there are a few reasons you should choose scalp micropigmentation.
  • Confidence: Losing hair can be tough. In fact, studies have shown that hair loss can have a significant negative impact on self-esteem and quality of life for both men and women. But for those who seek successful treatments like SMP, a majority report that they feel more confident, more social, and more attractive.
  • Safety: Scalp micropigmentation is 100% noninvasive, offering less risk than a hair transplant. No incisions are made, and the inks used in the process are all organic. Your SMP artist should always be a trained and licensed professional.
  • Effectiveness: Scalp micropigmentation will result in an authentic look without medication, extensive maintenance, or surgical risk. If cared for properly, you will not need to come back for a touch up for 2-5 years.
  • Immediacy: SMP starts showing improvements instantly, with complete results possible in only 5 weeks.
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How does the procedure work?

Like tattoo artists, SMP artists all work slightly differently.

However, typically, an SMP procedure will start with a consultation, where the artist will review the problem area and discuss your treatment options. Every procedure is different depending on the surface area being filled.

During the SMP sessions, the artist will make small microneedle injections into the scalp. The ink color and needle size will be matched to your natural hair follicles to give it the most authentic look. Because the injections are only going into the epidural layer (the shallowest layer of skin), the procedure is relatively painless.

Results show instantly. You may experience slight irritation around the treated area as the ink settles, but this clears in a few days.

Delaware SMP offers the best scalp micropigmentation services in Delaware, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. We’re committed to results that change lives, and we’re ready to help you win the fight against hair loss. Are you ready to get your confidence back?