Why These Celebrities Embraced Scalp Micropigmentation


Hair loss is an issue that affects 40 percent of men by the age of 35. A large portion of these men experience the effects of male-pattern baldness by the time they turn 21.

Even celebrities aren’t immune to the effects of male-pattern baldness. Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and Daniel Craig have all talked about it openly.

And while many celebrities embrace the look (and do it well!), others opt for treatments (including scalp micropigmentation) that hide their hair loss—it boils down to a matter of personal preference.

From Manchester United footballer Quinton Fortune to Latin singing sensation Giovanni and NFL star Louis Rankin, many celebs have chosen SMP as their preferred way to combat the effects of hair loss.

While SMP doesn’t lead to hair regrowth, it does offer some benefits over other procedures. We’ve outlined them here.

1. It’s a non-surgical procedure

Unlike hair transplants, scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure.

It uses microneedles to layer pigment dots on your scalp. A small wound is created every time the needle pierces your dermal layer, but the scab heals on its own eventually.

It’s doesn’t require any downtime, and requires minimal care once the procedure is over.

2. Results are immediately visible

While the results of hair transplants take several months to show, you’ll notice the difference with SMP right after the treatment. And if there’s any redness post-treatment, it should fade away in a day or two.

Even medication, shampoos, and lotions that claim to reverse the effects of hair loss take several months for visible results to show up (that’s if they ever do). And that’s one more plus with SMP treatment—you can’t make false claims because the results are right there.

3. The procedure is safer

If done by an expert practitioner, SMP is much safer compared to transplants and unapproved hair loss pills. The risk of an infection or other side effects is very low—most people only experience slight redness after the procedure.

Make sure you practice due diligence when choosing an SMP expert. A professional SMP practitioner will ensure that the treatment is carried out in a clean, sanitized room. They will use high-quality natural pigments and fresh needles for each treatment.

If you’re looking for an expert SMP practitioner, Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation offers non-surgical hair loss treatment for men and women. We use specialized tools and high-quality pigments to ensure you get lasting results. Visit our scalp micropigmentation clinic in Wilmington, NC today!

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