Why Should I Choose SMP Treatment?

Man After Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is the procedure of adding color pigments to the scalp on the head in order to give the illusion of having hair in that spot. It is only an aesthetic appearance, however, and does not cause actual hair to grow, which makes it fairly harmless and a viable solution for people suffering from baldness.

Considering SMP hair treatment for yourself or your loved ones? Here are a few reasons that might convince you to go for it:

Covers Up Pattern Baldness

Pattern baldness, also known as alopecia, is a hereditary issue and causes the hair follicles to become thinner until the hair cannot grow at all in various spots on the head. It occurs irregularly, causing hair to fall out from patches on the head. The issue is more common among men than women, with some starting to lose hair as early as when they start to hit puberty.

Using SMP, men and women can cover up exposed parts of their head with pigments similar in color to their hair, which gives a more rounded appearance by covering up the absence of hair in specific spots.

Affordable, Works Well with Other Solutions

Compared to other solutions available on the market, hair micropigmentation costs a fraction of what anything else viable will set you back. It also works well with other treatments like hair transplants, leaving some scarring around certain parts of the head. Blemishes and spots caused by recent surgery can be covered up smoothly with hair micropigmentation, providing a seamless and natural look with a lot of density.

Safe, Guaranteed Success

There are zero risks attached to hair micropigmentation, as the pigments used as composed of harmless, natural organic ingredients added to the scalp via a micro-needle, which is sterilized for use on the skin. The process doesn’t make the bold claim of growing any hair, but it does guarantee that it will give a look that is indistinguishable from having normal hair.

Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation is aiming to change people’s lives, giving them back their lost confidence and self-esteem with hair micropigmentation for men and women. After consultation for the first time, we discuss your requirements and any concerns, followed by 3 sessions that help us build a foundation and give you a dense, textured look of hair on your scalp. If you have any concerns or queries, reach out to us today.

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