Why Does Hair Start Thinning Early For Some People

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Research claims that around two-thirds of American men will experience patterned baldness by the time they hit 35. A lot of men even witness noticeable hair loss and a significant receding hairline in their early 20s.

If you’re a young adult who’s concerned about their receding hairline, you’re not alone.

Hair Loss And Millennials

Both men and women as young as eighteen are increasingly looking for effective solutions for hair loss.

The following are some major reasons for hair loss among younger millennials:

  • Increased cases of extensive hormonal changes, thyroid disorders, stress, and autoimmune diseases.
  • Having an unbalanced diet for an extended period of time.
  • Vegan and vegetarian diets that don’t include enough carbohydrates, which are essential for hair health.

The Life cycle Of Hair Growth

Stress can have a drastic influence on the life cycle of hair. Typically, this cycle starts with extensive hair growth; eventually slowing down before finally falling out.

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The cycle involves four phases, known as anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. Anagen is the growth phase, and can last for two to six years. After this comes the catagen phase, where hair growth takes a break, allowing the follicle to shrink. In the telogen phase, the hair typically remains stable, before falling out in the exogen phase.

These four phases operate in perpetuity. It is usual for the human scalp to shed 50 to 100 hair strands a day.

How Big Of A Part Does Stress Play In Early Hair Loss?

High stress levels can push the hair out of the growth phase way before it’s supposed to end. This can cause hair strands to fall out because of tempered growth and instability.

There is a strong connection between age and stress. Research conducted by the American Psychological Association reported that millennials and Gen X suffered from higher levels of stress compared to any older generation. They also seem to have greater problems while trying to cope with stress.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing excessive hair loss, it might be time to consider hair restoration treatments like scalp micropigmentation.

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