What to Do on the Day of Your SMP Appointment

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If you’ve decided to get an SMP treatment for hair loss, you’re already headed in the right direction. Your first step should be finding out everything about the procedure. But there are also specific guidelines you should keep in mind for the big day!

Usually, experts at scalp micropigmentation clinics walk you through the entire process, outlining before and aftercare measures. However,  in case you have an appointment, and you’re not quite sure about what to do, here are some general tips you can follow for a successful treatment session.

Prepare the Canvas

If your scalp is going to go through a massive makeover, it needs to be ready for it. Treat your scalp like a canvas. If you need to shave off your hair, do it at least a night before, not on the same day as your treatment.

In the morning, wash-up well and moisturize your scalp before you arrive at the clinic. Dry skin can be very challenging to work with. Plus, a dry scalp may not be as receptive to treatment as well as a moisturized one.

Don’t Take Caffeine or Other Blood-Thinning Drugs

Ideally, start avoiding any blood-thinners 3 -4 days before the day of your appointment. But no caffeine should make its way to your breakfast tray on the morning of the session especially.

This is because the treatment does involve needles and a bit of blood. And any aspirin or caffeine will make the blood thin, causing the bleeding to increase. The blood would then mix up with the pigment and dilute it, interfering with the procedure’s outcome.

Take A Before Selfie

SMP Treatment for Hair Loss

When you decide on an SMP treatment for hair loss, one of the first things to do is to decide on your final look, including the hairline and the cut. Once you have your goals set, you and your practitioner can keep track of the progress.

A great way to do this is by taking a selfie before you leave for your first appointment. And then continue doing this before and after each session. This will help you see how beneficial the treatment has been for you. Check out our gallery to have a clearer idea of how you need to go about this.

Don’t Chicken Out and Be Punctual

A hurried shower, a half-hearted breakfast, and early morning chaos would just put you in the wrong headspace and add to your anxiety before the appointment.

Additionally, keep reminding yourself that the treatment is non-invasive and does not cause excessive pain. Even the discomfort caused by the needles is taken care of by a local anesthetic. And since there are no chemicals or knives involved, there’s nothing to fear.

At Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation, we offer SMP hair loss treatments for both men and women. Book a free consultation today, and we’ll walk you through the entire process so you have a general idea of the timeline and know what to expect.

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