The Psychological Impact Of Hair Loss In Men

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Many men face hair loss as they get older. But there are various forms of hair loss and each can affect a person in a different way. Often extensive and sudden hair loss is met with concern.

There are four main forms of hair loss,

  • Alopecia areata: this form of hair loss refers to partial hair loss which is generally patchy and different to generally thinning.
  • Alopecia totalis: this form of alopecia causes a person to lose all the hair on their head
  • Alopecia universalis: alopecia universalis refers hair loss from the head and body.
  • Alopecia androgenetica: this form of hair loss is commonly referred to as male pattern baldness and can affect men and women.

Hair loss has a huge impact on a person’s life. However, since type III hair loss is something that around 42% of men experience, not many people speak about the psychological impact of hair loss in men.

Losing confidence in their appearance

Hair is an important feature of a person’s image. 47% of men in a survey agreed that their hair gave them their confidence as it can be quite transformative.

Hair loss has an effect on a person’s appearance. They lose their hairline and hair volume, resulting in a more aged appearance, or so we think. This significantly affects the way a person views themselves, leading to lack of confidence.

Men who begin noticing the receding hairline and thinning hair initially try to conceal it. They wear caps, hats, bandanas, and other accessories to conceal their hair loss. Most corporate jobs don’t allow employees to wear such accessories, making them more self-conscious about their appearance.

Negative effects on social life

Participants in a survey also mentioned that losing hair affected their social life. They isolate themselves due to lower self-esteem or because their hair loss is something people point out. Younger men that experience hair loss, in particular, experienced more negative effects on their social life since they feel like they are the only ones going through it.

Concerns about getting older

Hair loss in men is often linked to aging. Experiencing thinning hair immediately makes them concerned about getting older. This can affect their overall approach to life, which can be quite negative.

Increased stress

Hair loss is linked to stress and experiencing hair loss causes stress too. It’s like a vicious cycle that’s difficult to break out of. Experiencing hair loss and a receding hairline increases stress in men, affecting many aspects of their life. Increased stress isn’t good for health or professional and personal relationships.

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