Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment: The Recovery Period

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Any puncture or ‘trauma’ to the skin is perceived as an attack by the immune system. So as soon as the skin is punctured by needles after a scalp micropigmentation treatment, white blood cells spring up to fight against any potential infections at the injury site.

The recovery period for scalp micropigmentation starts as soon as the procedure does.

If you’re recovering from an ongoing illness, it would be best to let your body recover fully before going in for a scalp micropigmentation session. You also need to be careful about your lifestyle and diet after the procedure to enable your body to heal.

How Will The Skin Heal Itself?

The outermost layer of the skin is called the epidermis. The scalp micropigmentation treatment is performed on this thick, first layer of skin, and does not affect the dermis in any way. Whenever the perforation occurs, or the injury goes beyond the epidermis, the skin starts to bleed and becomes inflamed as an immune response. This is part of the natural healing process.

You will also notice the following changes in your scalp which should settle down after a few days:


The first thing you should notice is that your scalp will become red. There’s no to worry at this stage, as this is a natural response to protect against potential infections.


It might look scary, but inflammation is actually a sign that your skin is healing. The micro-perforations cause the inflammation in this case.

A soothing cream should help you feel at ease—your technician can recommend one.

Scabs As A Protective Layer

Scabs may make it look like your scalp has been injured. But in reality, they work as a protective layer after your scalp micropigmentation treatment. The healing process will continue under these scabs. It’s recommended to wear a hat to avoid any other injuries to your head. But you should let your skin breathe whenever you can.

Scalp micropigmentation will only give the best results if you let your scalp heal.

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