Scalp Micropigmentation: Everything That It’s Not

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There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the scalp micropigmentation treatment. For instance, some people mistake it for a hair tattoo; they assume that the only difference between a hair tattoo artist and a scalp micropigmentation practitioner is that the latter is medically certified.

But the reality is that both procedures are poles apart and use different techniques to give people the desired results. They also differ with regard to how long they last.

While scalp micropigmentation goes by many names, including hair pigmentation, hair tattoo, and scalp tattoo, vernacular usage doesn’t do the process justice. Scalp micropigmentation is nothing like a standard tattoo, microblading, laser treatment, or microneedling—all the treatments it is typically confused with.

The following are some clarifications on what scalp micropigmentation is not:

Scalp Micropigmentation And Tattoos Aren’t Synonymous

Unless a professional is trained to perform both regular tattoo inking and scalp micropigmentation, they can’t switch between the two treatments.

Scalp micropigmentation professionals use a specific type of ink and equipment. The pigment that’s created does not fade over time like regular tattoo ink does. The needle also doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the skin like a standard tattoo’s needle would.

The pigment from scalp micropigmentation is designed to expand naturally within the ink. Moreover, a traditional tattoo uses a scraping method, while scalp micropigmentation uses a dotting technique that doesn’t cause too much pain.

Scalp Micropigmentation Is Not Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo whereby the tattoo artist draws tiny hair strands on your eyebrows with a needle. The treatment is mainly for those with light and patchy eyebrows. Once the artist successfully matches your natural hair color, the area is cleared of any excessive pigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation cannot be applied to your eyebrows. The equipment, style of application, and pigments are vastly different. Scalp micropigmentation matches the appearance of your hair follicles, while microblading emulates your hair brows.

The only similarity between the two treatments is that both of them can make your hair look fuller.

Scalp Micropigmentation Is Nothing Like Laser Treatment

Laser treatment works by firing photons toward the scalp tissue in the hope that they will excite the weak cells enough to kick-start hair growth. The results of laser treatment might be inconsistent and might not work for some people at all.

Suffice to say, this is not how scalp micropigmentation works at all, as laser treatment aims to restore your natural hair.

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