Move Over Comb Over! 5 Tricks to Looking Sharp with Thinning Hair

5 Tricks to Looking Sharp with Thinning Hair

If your days of thick hair are behind you, fret not—there’s still hope!

You don’t have to use a shaver or collect a dozen caps. Here’s some tried and tested tricks that will make you look and feel your best:

  1. Turn Up The Volume:

If you want your head to look fuller, then volume is key! Grab some mousses or gels that are designed for volume-boosting. After a head wash, blow your hair until it’s a little damp, then work your mousse in, beginning from the roots towards the end.

This keeps your hair from stick to the scalp, giving the illusion of thicker hair.  Choose a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down so that you can get a fuller look.

  1. Get A Specialized Cut:

There’s no doubt that the right haircut can make a huge difference.

Go to a stylist and ask them for a cut that’ll suit your face and give your hair more volume. They’ll observe your hair type and texture based on which they’ll recommend a style.

It might be a fine trimming of your ends to make it look thicker, or a complete restyle that hides your bald spots.

  1. Spray You Way Through:

Scalp sprays are extremely common these days. They’re a quick, easy, and hands-on solution for covering up bald spots or thinning hair.

Pick a color that’s closest to your natural hair and spray away. You can carry them in your briefcase and do a touch up whenever needed.

  1. Massage! Massage!

We’ve all heard the numerous healing benefits of a massage. Did you know that it can also help you get thicker hair?

Use your fingertips and gently put pressure around on the scalp by moving in circular motions. This increases the blood flow to your hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Using castor oil will speed up the process.

  1. Scalp micropigmentation

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, then scalp micropigmentation is your best bet.

This is a non-invasive procedure where a natural pigment is applied to the epidermal layer of your scalp. It effectively replicates a natural shaved look, making it the ultimate solution for hair loss!

When opting for scalp micropigmentation, it’s crucial to choose experienced professionals who use high-quality products.

If you’re looking for a reputable and certified scalp micropigmentation facility in Wilmington, we’ve got you covered. Our experts at Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation provide top-quality SMP treatment for hair loss for both men and women.

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