Lifestyle Habits That Can Contribute to Hair Loss

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‘Hey, don’t scratch your scalp too hard!

Don’t use that comb!

You use such an artificial shampoo?’

These are just some of the many comments that we hear when we open up to someone about hair loss. Hair loss is an equal menace for both men and women. But take a deep breath because we’ll help you overcome this problem.

Our natural hair loss per day is 50 to 100 hairs, but it becomes a chronic hair loss problem if it accelerates. Scalp micropigmentation is a comprehensive non-surgical hair loss treatment for men and women that uses an organic pigment to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

While genetics could play a role in hair loss, let’s read some daily habits that contribute to hair loss.

Irregular Meals

People have this habit of skipping meals, eating without proper breaks, or sometimes eating irregularly. It slows down your metabolism and diverts energy toward the vital brain functioning or heart pumping. Having a balanced diet enriched with proteins, vitamins, carbs, and fiber ensures good hair formation and maintenance.

Exposing Your Hair to Excessive Heat

People take hot showers in the cold season, which are good for the body but not for your hair. The hair strands lose their natural shine and strength in hot water, resulting in hair loss.

Also, women eager to try new hairstyles do excessive straightening and curling with machines. It damages their hair and clogs the scalp pores, which hinders hair growth. If you have a similar problem, no need to worry because Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation has hair loss solutions for both men and women.

Hair Dyes and Treatments

Cigarette Smoking

Smoking isn’t only injurious to your health but also to your hair. Inhaling tobacco inside your body restricts your blood vessels and decreases the oxygen saturation process. Remember, your hair needs fresh oxygen for growth.

Depression and Stress

What if you don’t get your desired job or the desired person in your life? Is it more important than your health? Stress and depression are the worst enemies you could have.

When you’re depressed, your nervous system sends unwanted signals to your brain leading to insomnia and hormonal imbalance. This, in return, leads to hair loss.

Beauty Medication

It isn’t necessary that if your friend takes specific medication for their hair, you should also take it. Everybody works differently. People take hair growth pills without a doctor’s consultation, which can have a negative impact on their hair’s health.

Hair Dyes and Treatments

The more you expose your hair to different hair dye chemicals or treatments, the more it will lose its natural shine and strength. Limit your exposures to such substances.

If you have gone through these treatments and now suffer baldness, don’t worry because Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation has solutions to hair loss and hair baldness.

Do You Suffer Hair Loss?

Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation offers hair loss treatment for males and females in Wilmington. It’s a non-surgical hair loss treatment matched to your hair color and complexion of all ethnicities.

Are you still waiting to lose more hair strands? Feel free to contact us at 302-292-0380. Get your free consultation now.

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