Is Scalp Micropigmentation Right for You?

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According to the American Hair Loss Association, common male pattern baldness (MPB)—when hair loss occurs in a distinct pattern—accounts for over 95 percent of hair loss in men.

The good news is that there are many hair loss treatments available now that address this issue; one of these treatments is scalp micropigmentation. Read on to find out what the treatment entails and if it’s the right one for you.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation (or SMP) is a hair loss treatment that uses micro-needles to deliver pigments into your scalp. The pigment is designed to match the overall density and color of your existing hair. This makes the replication look very natural.

SMP can be performed in two ways:

  1. Adding Density: This is done by adding density to your existing hair. It makes thinning hair look fuller.
  2. Full head coverage: This is done by recreating a hairline on someone who has very little hair.

Who Is Scalp Micropigmentation For?

The process works for people experiencing hair loss for various reasons. For instance, people who have bald spots as a result of alopecia and thinning hair can employ this treatment. Even people who’ve had to deal with complete hair loss as a result of say, cancer, can opt for SMP.

A common question that comes up during consultations is whether SMP works for people with grey hair. The answer is a definite yes. It’s as simple as replacing black pigments with gray pigments.

In most cases, it can even help cover surgical scars. Expert technicians can blend the area around the scar, making it less visible.

While scalp pigmentation has its benefits, it is important to get it done by an expert. The hardest part of SMP is ensuring that the hairline looks natural. A very dark pigment or rigid hairline will make it look very unnatural.

Pro-tip: Start with a very soft look in the first session to see how your skin carries the pigment. Add density for a darker look in later sessions.

What Is The Treatment Like?

The time the treatment takes depends on the area that will be treated, as well as your skin’s characteristics. You can discuss your goals and issues in the initial consultation. The first treatment will be around 2–4 hours and will build the foundation. Depending on your needs, you may require additional touch-ups.

The price of an SMP treatment is less than a hair transplant. Depending on the area, it may cost you $1,000, all the way up to $5,9000. The best part about SMP is that the full results can be seen within a month.

Once the redness reduces, the pigment becomes clear. Plus, if done well, the results will look very natural and will give you a youthful appearance instantly.

If you’re looking for SMP treatment for hair loss in Wilmington, Delaware, check out our services. Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation is dedicated to helping clients reach their hair goals by providing customized solutions.

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