If You’re Facing One of These Conditions, It’s Time to Consider Scalp Micropigmentation

If you think your panic over thinning hair is ill-founded, think again. It happens to the best of us—even to celebrity beauticians such as Huda Beauty, who recently talked about hair loss and how badly it affected her. It also happened to Sophie Turner—you know, Game of Thrones’ Sansa Stark, Queen in the North? Turner’s hair “almost fell out” due to getting it dyed red every time she had to shoot.

It’s a common problem around the world—and yet, why do people not talk about it more?

There are Misconceptions Surrounding Hair Loss

One of the reasons people are so tight-lipped about their hair loss is because there are so many negative connotations attached to it.

Many think hair falls off simply because you aren’t healthy enough, and we all know that that’s not always true.

It may be, instead, a natural phase in most cases. Yes, hair does fall off due to other reasons and medical complications but that doesn’t happen to all of us. For a majority of the population, it’s just time and age.

Men: Hair Disappearing from the Crown

Although both men and women face hair loss, the symptoms and experiences are different. Men start losing hair from the front, therefore there’s a receding hairline to take care of.

Since in the beginning it’s not very visible, most men don’t even notice. However, as the hairline continues to pull back and further back—like the retreating tide of the ocean before a tsunami—men begin to panic. The panic isn’t unfounded, because it could lead to complete baldness.

Women: Hair Thinning at the Middle

Women, thankfully, rarely ever go completely bald. Women lose hair from the parting area. You have more creative and clever opportunities of hiding those widening parts and small barren patches.

Most women will start parting their hair differently or will brush their hair in ways that can effectively hide certain regions.

But soon the problem might become worse, and that’s when women start panicking too.

No Need to Panic

Places like Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation exist. We’re here to help you regain your confidence through a simple and easy procedure called scalp micro pigmentation.

The best part is? It’s completely non-invasive!

What we do is we replicate your hair follicles so that they resemble the hair already on your head. We can’t re-grow hair, but we do bring it to a point where it certainly looks like you have thicker hair! We offer the service for both men and women.

Interested in trying out for yourself? Get in touch with us today and we’ll walk you through the process!



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