How Soon Before a Big Event Should I Get Micropigmentation?

Top Quality SMP Treatment for Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

If you’ve got a big event coming up and want your hair to look its best, scalp micropigmentation is the way to go!

Scalp Micropigmentation is a common choice among people who suffer from balding and hair fall. This procedure is usually completed within three sessions. Each session requires a minimum healing time of 7-14 days in between. Here’s a break-down of what to expect during the seven-day gap:

Day 1:

After the first session is completed, there will be a slight inflammation on your scalp with a reddish appearance. This is your skin’s natural response to the perforations done on its surface.  You can apply a suitable soothing cream to speed up the healing process. We also recommend covering your head with a cap, hat, or scarf, but be sure to remove it from time to time to allow your skin to relax.

Day 2-Day 4:

During the second to the fourth day, the redness will slowly begin to fade. Micro scabs start to form during this time, and the pigment becomes more noticeable. These scabs will dry up quickly and flake off if you do mild exfoliation at the end of the week.

Day 5:

On the fifth day, you might require some patience. You’ll notice some areas fully healed and might feel the urge to pick at them because they itch but beware as itching can hamper the healing process and cause the pigment to come out. If you don’t allow these scabs to fall naturally, the pigment will appear patchy.

Day 7:

By the seventh day, you should no longer have any redness on the scalp.  The pigment will also be lighter in appearance compared to earlier. This is due to the immune system that tries to remove the pigment from your body. High-quality pigments give better results. If you notice any new hair growth in this area, you should carefully shave it off.

So, When Should You Book An Appointment?

This completes the healing process of one session, after which you’re scheduled for the second and third sessions. It usually takes a month or two for the pigments to settle into your skin and show maximum results. If you have an event coming up, be sure to book your appointment two months in advance so that your hair looks and feel its absolute best.

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