Female Hair Loss 101: What You Need to Know

Hair Micropigmentation for Men and Women

While hair loss is not common among women as it is in men, it’s something that women do experience. Apart from pattern baldness that is purely hereditary, there are other causes that can cause a woman’s hair to fall.

Here are some of the most common issues causing female hair loss, as well as the science behind them:


One of the most common factors of hair loss among women is stress. It can come in many forms, may be due to an illness or because of an unfortunate event in your life. Stress-induced hair fall is due to a condition called telogen effluvium, but thankfully it is not a permanent condition. By making healthy changes, you can regain most of the hair that you’ve lost by improving your lifestyle or going for a solution like scalp pigmentation.

Thyroid Issues

Hair loss is an indication of an imbalance in the thyroid, as the thyroid helps strengthen the hair at its roots. Hypothyroidism, such as it being under or overactive, can also cause problems related to hair. The former can cause hair to become brittle and break easily, while the former can lead to hair falling in excess.

Iron Deficiency

The main cause of iron deficiency among women is anemia. Anemic patients also go through hair-related issues, as they do not get ample iron, which gives strength to the hair. Other reasons include not having a proper diet that contains the right nutrients. Premenopausal women also experience a lack of iron due to their period. Similar to hair that’s lost due to stress, the damage is not permanent, and the hair can eventually grow back.

Fast Weight Loss

Losing weight does not cause hair fall, but when the body goes through excessive stress due to exercise, the effects of telogen effluvium take place, which can lead to hair fall.

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