Considering Getting Scalp Micropigmentation? Here Are 5 Facts You Should Know Beforehand

Scalp Micropigmentation for Men

You may have heard about micropigmentation for fuller brows, rosier lips, and clearer skin, but did you know there’s also a procedure called scalp micropigmentation that has risen to popularity in the past few years?

It creates the illusion of fuller hair by filling in your hairline and other bald areas on the scalp with different hues to replicate your natural hair color.

The result?—no signs of hair loss and renewed confidence!

If you’ve been thinking about getting scalp micropigmentation, here are a few facts you should know of.

It Isn’t the Same as Microblading

Many draw parallels between the two procedures because they give similar results, but both have different application methods.

Microblading uses fine hair-like strokes for the appearance of fuller brows, whereas micropigmentation injects small dots of color into the scalp via non-invasive means. The result is a realistic appearance of a shaved head or no sparse areas on the scalp.

It Can Be Used For Various Hair Problems in both Men and Women

Whether you have male pattern baldness or a gaping hairline, scalp micropigmentation can treat varying hair problems in men and women alike.

Individuals that are tired of using pigmented powder to cover up thinning hair or alopecia and those who’ve gone entirely bald can use scalp micropigmentation. It’s also a great cosmetic tool for cancer survivors or those who want to cover up scars with the illusion of fuller hair.

It Requires Multiple Sessions

Depending on the coverage you need, scalp micropigmentation can require multiple sessions. The treatment typically takes around two to four sessions.

A topical numbing solution is used to minimize the pain while the microneedles penetrate the skin on the scalp to place the dots of pigment into the skin carefully.

You Can Get It Done Even After a Hair Transplant

Scalp micropigmentation is an affordable and easier alternative than hair transplants. But if you’ve opted for the latter, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t go for the former.

Hair transplants help you get your hair back, but if you still have a few sparse areas that require more density, you can opt for scalp micropigmentation for the appearance of more volume on your scalp.

Its Low Maintenance

The recovery period for a scalp micropigmentation is minimal.

It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Individuals that have undergone the procedure are only instructed to use sunscreen for protection and avoid exfoliation. This makes the pigment last longer.

If you’re convinced that scalp micropigmentation is the answer to your hair problems, get in touch with Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation.

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