Benefits of Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Micropigmentation

Hair loss is a serious issue for a larger number of people across the US. Hair loss can happen as a result of genetics, psoriasis, alopecia, stress, changes in hormone levels and more. That shouldn’t stop you from trying to change how you look if you really desire that.

Why Surgery Can Be Risky

Getting surgery for any problem always comes with some negatives. For one, the recovery period afterward is already a full working week. This means missing work or school. It also means that you’ll probably be in pain for that period of time. There can also be some significant bleeding. Infection is a possibility — which means that you would probably have to take antibiotics. This will also have an impact on your recovery period.

After the initial recovery period, the transplanted hair falls out and new hair starts to grow from the follicles. During this process, the follicles can get infected. This is resolved by a course of antibiotics and symptom-based treatments. Shock loss is also risk, which means that original hair can fall out due to the procedure. This is why surgery isn’t always the best choice.

What’s A Better Option?

Depending on what non-surgical treatment you choose, the recovery time and the risks can be very different than that of hair transplant surgery. Micropigmentation, for example, is a comparatively minimal risk procedure.

Micropigmentation works kind of like tattooing — which is pretty cool. A machine with a needle penetrates the top few layers of your skin and leaves a pigment that gives the appearance of hair. When done right, it does not go deep enough to cause excessive bleeding. Depending on the case in question, you only need around five short sessions at the least.

Why is Micropigmentation Better?

The benefits of a treatment like this mean that there’s a lesser chance that something can go wrong. By not going too deep into the skin, the procedure reduces the chance of infection during the initial recovery period. You can also see the results immediately, instead of having to wait six to nine months for the results to come in. There’s also no chance of folliculitis as there’s no new hair growth happening.

This reduces the amount of time you might have to take off as well as the length of time by which your daily routine is disturbed. You’ll also be consuming less medicine as opposed to surgical treatment. For people who need touchups for bald spots or don’t grow their hair out very long; micropigmentation is a good option to consider.

If you’re thinking about giving micropigmentation a chance, you should consult with a professional. We offer non surgical hair loss treatment in Wilmington. You can request a free consultation by contacting us here, if you’re in or near Wilmington, Delaware.

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