Avoiding A ‘Painted’ Look After A Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Painted Look

One of the biggest fears people have post scalp micropigmentation treatment is the small chance that they might end up with a painted look.

This means that the treatment wasn’t as successful as it was supposed to be, and it can look like a helmet instead of mimicking natural hair growth.

A painted look refers to a head of hair that looks unnatural, shiny, or appears to be nothing but black paint. This can happen for a few reasons, including a poorly executed procedure, low-quality pigment, over-defined color, a very sharp hairline, or a pigment that’s darker than the person’s natural hair color.

The following are some ways to avoid ending up with a painted look:

Add Density In Multiple Sessions

If you’ve opted for a scalp micropigmentation treatment, you should know that technicians often recommend three to four sessions for the procedure to be completed.

Regardless of whether you’re opting for tricopigmentation or semi-permanent scalp micropigmentation, these procedures need to be spread out over multiple sessions.

This ensures that your scalp isn’t overworked. It also gives your scalp room to heal in between every session. The multiple session nature of the procedure lets color and density build up gradually, while also allowing the technician to assess progress.

Blending And Shade Choice

Shade selection and blending are game-changing aspects of scalp micropigmentation. The color and shade of the pigment should correspond with your hair tone when it is shaved or clipped. If the pigment ends up being darker than your natural hair color, your head will look unnatural after the treatment.

The artist should stop at the hairline and ridges since this will make gaps and seams more prominent.

Leave Some Skin

Scalp micropigmentation isn’t a painting session. While technicians have an unlimited supply of pigment to deposit, this does not mean that your head will appear fuller if you use it all. In fact, it’ll make you end up with the dreaded painted look. Remember, natural hair follicles are spaced out

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