5 Hair Growth Myths You Should Stop Believing Once and For All

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Do you ever watch hair shampoo ads on the television and yearn for silky, long hair? If yes, you’ve probably googled “fast hair growth hacks” or something along those lines to find a quick, easy way to achieve luscious locks.

Unfortunately, many of the “facts” you read about hair growth on the internet are just misconceptions and false claims. You can’t grow your hair overnight by using a DIY hair mask or spraying onion water on your scalp—that’s just not how it works.

Trying out quick hacks every day not only damages your hair but also hinders you from achieving your mane goals!

That’s why we’re busting five widely popular hair growth myths.

Myth #1 Frequent Haircuts Will Make My Hair Grow Faster

You’ve probably heard that cutting your hair every six to eight weeks enhances growth—but that’s not true. Your hair grows from the roots, not the tips. Split-ends make your hair frizzy, and trimming them once in a while is recommended, but it doesn’t help your hair grow faster.

Moreover, cutting and styling your hair makes it fuller and thicker, but it’s only because the frayed ends have been removed.

Myth #2: Shaving My Baby’s Head Will Save Them from Future Baldness

Baldness is often inherited, or a result of a medical condition. Babies usually get bald patches because they often stay in the same position, making their hair fade. But they grow it back over time. Shaving your baby’s head doesn’t make any difference in their future hair growth and health.

Myth #3: Brushing Your Hair 100 Times a Day Makes Hair Healthier

While it’s true that brushing makes your hair healthier, there’s no truth to the fact that the practice boosts hair growth. Healthy hair naturally appears fuller and bouncier. Moreover, over-brushing your hair leads to scalp damage and pulls out strands that aren’t ready to fall out yet.

Myth #4: Switching Hair Products Fastens Hair Growth

Don’t do this if you want your hair to stick around even when you’re sixty!

Your hair gets used to specific products and chemical combinations, but this isn’t why your hair stops responding to them.

Many factors—such as hormonal and weather changes—influence hair growth.

Myth #5: I Can Eat a Diet to Grow Hair

Your hair is a part of your body, and your nutrition affects its health, but you can’t eat a particular diet to grow long hair. Instead, do it all—drink plenty of water, a balanced diet, take biotin, and add non-carb fats to your daily diet to boost your immunity and maintain healthy hair.

Research supports the fact that insufficient protein intake leads to scalp and hair related issues. However, your hair growth speed entirely depends on your genes and lifestyle practices.

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