Why Women Don’t Speak About Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment in Women

Hair loss in women is something that isn’t spoken about. Thinning hair and hair loss is something associated with men or with terminal illnesses. More women experience hair loss than we know, yet it’s something very few will accept.

No matter what your age, losing your hair is a stressful and traumatic time. It’s no wonder we want to hide hair thinning with headscarves, wigs, or hair extensions. There’s this huge misconception that hair loss in women is unusual and rare.

There are many reasons why women choose to deal with hair loss on their own.

It’s a very traumatic experience

Many women who have been known to have luscious locks are completely traumatized when they experience acute hair loss. Shedding a lot of hair at once can leave a person scarred, especially when their thick hair is all others spoke about. Women experiencing acute hair loss become afraid of running their hands through their hair. They keep it tied away in the hope that more hair won’t fall out.

People around make them feel it’s their fault

Women experience scrutiny any time there’s a change in their appearance. Whether it’s their skin, hair, or weight. What’s worse is when people around make them feel like it’s their fault. Some might say they aren’t using good quality hair products, while others will tell them that dying their hair has led this to happen. The truth is, a woman experiencing hair loss requires comfort and empathy, not fingers pointing at all the things she has done “wrong.” They require support during such a time.

Hair represents youth

Thick and luscious hair is considered a sign of youth. Hair loss is linked to a sign of aging, it can make a woman feel like they are losing their identity, their youth. Younger women experiencing hair loss, particularly, feel embarrassed to speak about this issue. With many ladies around with thick and long locks, they can’t help but feel alone in this battle.

Women feel less desirable and attractive

A woman’s hair has been referred to her crown for centuries now. This puts a lot of pressure on women to have amazing and thick hair all the time. Losing hair can make them feel less feminine. Hair loss changes the way a person sees themselves, making them feel less desirable to others and less attractive in general.

Hair loss has made many women insecure in their personal relationships too. They fear that their partner won’t be as attracted to them with thinning hair. As a result, they begin concealing their hair loss with their partner too. Single women with alopecia who are looking to date find it difficult to find a partner too. They tend to be quite unsure about the reaction of their date when they do eventually tell them.

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