The Hushed Conversation Of Hormonal Hair Loss In Women

Hydrating and Nourishing Your Body is Important for Growing Healthy Hair

Hair loss is a scary and frustrating experience for women, particularly if you don’t know why it’s happening and what to do about it.

Our hair is part of our identity, it expresses who we are. Whether wavy, curly, straight, short, or long, our hair is part of how the world sees us. It can, therefore, be really distressing when we begin to lose hair. It’s a change that we don’t choose, but just happens.

Hair loss in women is something that’s very hushed in society. Women don’t feel comfortable speaking about it. We may bring it up in a conversation with our hair stylist or with our closest friend.

What is hormonal hair loss?

Hormones tend to be the number one cause of hair loss in women. A specific hormone, known as dihydrotestosterone, known as DHT is responsible for hair loss in men and women. This hormone is a byproduct of testosterone.

Testosterone is often wrongly referred to as the male hormone, while in reality, it exists in men and women. Women tend to have higher estrogen level and a lower testosterone level, while in men this is reversed.

Testosterone is responsible for regulating libido, keeping bones strong, maintaining muscle, etc. Testosterone is also used as precursor for DHT. DHT affects the hairline by reducing the hair follicles, eventually causing the hair to stop growing.

Menopause and hair loss

Menopause affects the production of hormones in women, triggering hormonal hair loss. Women genetically sensitive to DHT experience thinning hair and a receding hairline. Menopausal hair loss tends to occur during the age of 50 to 60. Many women also experience a change in hair texture during and after menopause. Women experiencing early menopause can begin experiencing hair loss in their 30s and 40s too.


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder that leads to irregular periods due to hormone imbalances. While the most common symptom of PCOS is weight gain, thick hair growth on the face and body, and missed periods, some women experience female pattern hair loss too.

Females can be diagnosed with PCOS when they are as young as teenagers. Suffering hair loss at an early age really affects their self-confidence. Young girls are already very impressionable at this age and having to suffer thinning hair can really knock their confidence.

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