SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) – Is It Really The Best Cure For Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Treatments - SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)

Gone are the days when hair loss treatments meant just surgical hair transplants and long-term medications. Time has evolved now! Technology never fails to amaze us and with the advanced developments in the field of technology, several non-invasive procedures have come to light to treat hair loss problems. One such popular treatment is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

Hair has always been categorized as a symbol of beauty and personality in both men and women. Still, some surveys suggest that more than 90% of men and 44% of women suffer from hair loss problems. Well, that’s an astounding figure to consider. While many people opt for hair transplant treatment, SMP is something that you are actually missing out on. Yes, you read it right! SMP is a quick and efficient solution to all hair problems that works brilliantly on both men and women.

Let’s find out other reasons why SMP is the best choice for hair loss treatments.

Instant Results

Ever got a tattoo or saw anyone getting one? You always notice an instant result, don’t you? Well, the same is the case with SMP treatment. The procedure needs no recovery time and the person can get back to the normal routine after getting the treatment. However, you will get a sore scalp due to the pigmentation process but by following the right aftercare tips, you will face no trouble. The best part is unlike other treatments that take weeks or months to show effective results, SMP provides instant results in no time.


When you get surgery or recover from injury, you have to be extremely cautious. The doctors give several instructions to follow to take care of the affected area. Well, the same case is with hair transplants and other surgical hair loss treatments. You need to follow several instructions to get desired results. But, that’s not the case with scalp micropigmentation! Since the area is pigmented and there is actually no real hair, there is low maintenance after the procedure.

Non-Invasive And Efficient

Scalp Micropigmentation does not require opening up the scalp and planting hair follicles. It is just a tattoo that is done over your scalp to give it a fuller look. The procedure generally takes around three-five hours. The client may or not be required to take another session. The truth is the procedure is done in a maximum of two sessions. The procedure is done using high-level software and instruments that make the procedure painless and efficient. In less than expected time, one can get dream hair easily.

Works On Everybody

The best part of getting SMP treatment is that it works brilliantly well on everyone. The treatment is not at all gender-specific. While most men go for SMP treatment, the truth is women too can get desired results with this superb treatment.

Wrapping Up!

SMP is surely a blessing for all those who are dealing with hair loss issues. If you are one of those and planning to get SMP treatment, then consult Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation clinic. No matter what your concerns are, the team will provide you with the best solutions. Contact us at (+1 302-292-0380) for more information.

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