Shave and Graze: Hair Shave Designs for the Modern Man

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+Are you into scalp tattoos and undercut designs? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the most relatable post of the day!

Sit back and enjoy the hair shave designs that we’re going to present to you. A modern man needs a modern look for his hair; the stale hair styles just won’t cut in 2019!

These are going to turn balding in your favor. Less hair was never this trendy and you’ll see why! Enjoy these hair inspirations and adopt the ones you look for your next haircut appointment.

Foux Hawk with a cut-out Undercut

With the classic faded-sides going high, the fohawk gives any man a head-turning look. However, just a hawk is not enough to go all out the modern way! You really need something extra and that’s what the undercut is going to do.

You can have claw-shaped incisions made on the sides to truly stand out in a large crowd! This cutting-edge trendiness will win you hearts and smiles all night.

Disconnected Undercut with Dyed Fohawk

Want to try something boldly masculine and attractively trendy? A disconnected shave design with a dyed fohawk is just what you need! You’ll notice how great an impact dying your hawk can have on your overall look.

It makes the mass at the center stand out from the grazed sides and gives a denser look. With a bold cut made all round the scalp towards the nape is what makes this hairstyle so different from the stock styles!

Neckline Design with a Messy Top

Messy hair

Who said you have to keep your center puff slick and neat? Every man needs a bit of rowdy and rustic to reclaim their masculinity.

If you’re born with textured hair, you’re in for a surprise. Let your curly mess loose at the center and cleanly trim the sides into a neat shave.

Experiment with all kinds of designs that you would want to go for with your undercut but let your hawk remain a messy top!

How did you like this brief run-through of modern haircut designs?

It’s 2019 and it’s time to embrace your hair as it is. Styling options have offered a safe relief from spending thousands on hair transplants and expensive surgeries.

Our scalp micropigmentation clinic in Delaware will give your look an even cleaner finish!

With the illusion of denser hair follicles covering the scalp, there’s much room for creativity with undercut designs.

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