Scalp Micropigmentation Vs Hair Fibers

SMP vs hair fibers

Beauty standards have led people to believe that concealing is the best way to cover features you don’t like. But whether it’s eye bags, skin pigmentation, dark circles, or bald spots, concealing isn’t the solution you should be going for!

In the case of hair, this is best seen in hair fibers. These products are known as hair concealers, and create the impression of a denser scalp. While this sounds great in theory, there are many drawbacks to this hair-loss solution.

For one, if you really want to have a normal hair density look, you’ll have to go through hours of intensive labor to achieve it. And even after all that hard work, hair shedding will still persist. So it’s definitely a temporary fix.

Here’s some more information you should know about hair fibers.

How Hair Fibers Work

A few of the most popular hair fiber brands are Toppik, Febron, Caboki, Boldify, Elevate, and Mroobest. These brands offer topical products that can be applied to the scalp for a denser look.

Some products include a keratin-based powder that is directly put on your head. The powder sticks to your hair follicles because it’s negatively charged, and hair particles are positively charged. This amalgamation creates the illusion of thicker hair.

But there’s more!

When Hair Fibers Fail

Here’s what most people don’t consider—hair fiber products need hair to stick to. This means that someone experiencing alopecia totalis simply can’t use this product because they don’t have any hair on their scalp! This instantly excludes a large group of people who desperately need hair loss treatments.

Similarly, the effectiveness of the product depends on the number of strands already on the scalp. So the more severe the problem, the less likely the product is to work.

They’re Pretty Laborious To Use

Hair fibers take up a LOT of your time—just so you can have a normal day at work without having to hide your scalp!

For starters, the product doesn’t work in humid conditions or on wet hair. So either you skip taking showers before work or wake up super early to wash and dry hair to use this concealer. Sounds like a lot of work for every single day!

Then there’s the issue of fallout. If you’re fond of wearing whites, this hair loss solution simply won’t work. Because while you’re applying the product, it can fall on your shoulders or collar and stain your clothes.

You also have to take extra care to apply the product close enough to your roots and then pat them to bind. And don’t forget to not touch anything with your hands either!

While there may be accessories to help with the application, they only add more steps to an already exhausting regimen.

Considering all of this, it’s best to invest in our Hair Loss Treatment and enjoy fuller, thicker hair look for a long, long time!

If you’re still confused, re-read this piece and then book an appointment at our scalp micropigmentation clinic in Delaware.

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