Scalp Micropigmentation: Does My Hair Color Matter?

Hair Color

While some of us believe that ice-blondes are the queens of the beauty world, others give their vote to brunettes. The hierarchy of hair colors may sound trivial, but it has ruled the beauty industry for years.

But while the aesthetic appeal of each hair color may not be fully understood, we do have a solid understanding of their characteristics.

So if you’re losing hair and are looking into scalp micropigmentation, here are some things to keep in mind with regard to hair color:

Hair color and density

As it turns out, individuals with specific hair colors may face more or fewer hair problems. Hair color is an indicator of the hair density you’re supposed to have.

For instance, women of Asian and African American descent are more likely to have dark hair, and Caucasians commonly have blond hair. But this is not just a racial difference; it tells you about the number of strands that are likely to grow on your scalp.

Dark-haired people are expected to have 60,000 strands at any point in time, whereas blond-haired people have 450,000 strands on their head.

Redheads and brunettes have hair density that’s somewhere in between.

Hair color and hair fall

This information is shocking to many people, as people of color generally have coarse hair that appears thicker than blonde hair. But this is just an illusion due to the texture.

And since we shed around seven percent of our hair, blondes lose their hair a lot faster than Asians and African Americans!

It’s normal for blond-haired people to lose about 100 strands every day, whereas the dark-haired population loses only about 60–70 strands every time they shower!

Hair color and pigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic treatment that anybody with a receding hairline or balding scalp can get. Hair color doesn’t limit your chances of availing the service successfully.

Our scalp micropigmentation practitioners are extremely cautious while preparing the pigments for each client. They know that no two individuals have the exact same hair color or even the same hair type—the tones can vary.

This is why they dilute or concentrate the original color of the pigment. They’re also very particular about the amount of solvent added to the pure pigment to create the perfect shade for your head. This is why they take your skin tone into account as well—to see which shade will compliment it most naturally!

Our clinic in Delaware offers scalp micropigmentation treatments for people of all hair colors and types!

We’ll cover your bald spots masterfully to create the look of a naturally full scalp.

Get in touch for details and appointments.

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