It is necessary to follow some guidelines to maintain the desired results of Scalp Micropigmentation for a prolonged period. These aftercare tips are very vital to take care of the scalp after the treatment. The effectiveness of the SMP hair treatment highly depends upon the aftercare routine you abide by.


In the non-invasive procedure of Scalp Micropigmentation, the patient’s scalp is injected with an organic pigment with the microneedles. For the colored pigmentation to last longer, the patient has to follow the right regime. The scalp needs time and utmost care to heal when a new skin layer starts to grow over the pigment, which requires the need to abide by a set of instructions.


The following aftercare tips aim to offer long-term results and reduce the chances of pigment fading. To give your scalp a natural look after the treatment, here are a few things to remember.


1. Do not touch your scalp


Try and avoid scratching or combing the scalp even it becomes too itchy. Refrain from touching your scalp too often because it can increase the chances of infection by introducing bacteria. Also, never use your fingertips instead of nails, as it can end up removing the pigment. 


2. Try to keep your Scalp Dry


It is normal to experience slight itchiness and redness on the scalp during and until a few days after the treatment. The patient can wear a loose and comfortable hat for his convenience, ensuring it does not irritate the scalp. It should be kept dry for up to four days after the treatment.


3. You must Avoid Excessive Sweating


We recommend not performing any extensive physical activity in a gym or otherwise. The patient must also stay away from saunas for the first five days and the other activities that might cause excessive sweating. If you sweat, blot the sweat away by dabbing it dry from a paper towel.


4. Keep your Scalp Moisturized

Keeping the scalp dry can make it flaky, irritated, and itchy that can affect the overall appearance of the treatment. For a vibrant and healthy scalp, the patient must moisturize it regularly. Use an unscented and alcohol-free natural moisturizer, such as extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. 


5. Do not wash your head for the first 5 days


The professionals advise refraining from washing your hair for at least 5 days after the treatment. Try and use a gentle shampoo with warm water to clean your head after the 5th day. Make sure to avoid using any chemical products on the scalp, as they may interrupt the process of healing. Treat your head like an open wound and steer clear from scrubbing!


For a subtle and fresh look after the treatment, you must follow these guidelines. To get the best results to contact Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation and get access to their premium services. The certified technicians offer assistance in all possible ways to help you restore your hairline and confidence.

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