Most Men Will Experience Hair Loss—but is it Inevitable?

Hair tattoo

Around 80% of men and 50% of women experience alopecia (hair loss) after a certain age. While some lucky individuals retain their hair even in old age, others can begin experiencing hair loss as early as their 20s.

As common as hair loss is, it continues to be a complex problem for men. Since hair is such an integral part of our appearance, losing it can affect our body image and lead to psychological issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and social phobia.

Let’s take a closer look at hair loss in men:

It Doesn’t Always Have to do With Age

Although age is a major contributor to hair loss, it’s not the only reason you may be shedding hair; one in four men are affected by hair loss before the age of 30.

American men who suffer from male pattern baldness can begin losing their hair before they turn 21 years old.  Men who begin losing it early on no longer feel as desirable as they used to. It gets even worse when other men of the same age flaunt a full head of hair.

The Process of Losing Hair

Losing Hair

Both men and women will experience hair loss during their lifetimes, but it’s much more prominent in men.

Our scalps bear 100,000–150,000 strands of hair. The average person loses 50–100 strands every day; this is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. A problem arises when we begin shedding more than we are growing; when the shedding exceeds the growth, we experience hair loss.

Hair growth and hair shedding are linked to hormonal balance. Our follicles are sensitive to certain hormones; when the presence of certain hormones increases, hair falls out.

Hair loss is a natural process, but there are steps you can take to slow it down. If you have male pattern baldness in your family, speak to a physician to see what you can do to keep it from falling off.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Has your hair already begun shedding? Scalp micropigmentation can fill in the empty spaces on your scalp. It involves implanting and layering pigment of different hues of your natural hair color on your scalp to give the illusion of a fuller-looking head.

You may not have a head full of hair, but with SMP and hair tattoos, it will look like you do. At Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation we treat men with male pattern baldness of all ages. Contact us to book an appointment for a consultation.


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