Is Scalp Micropigmentation a Good Option for Alopecia?

Hair Micropigmentation for Men and Women

Alopecia results in loss of hair in patches. These patches may go away and come back or gradually build up to baldness.

This condition results from the immune system attacking the hair follicles, leading to hair fall, thinning hair, and even baldness.

While there’s no cure for alopecia, there are several treatment methods and procedures that can minimize the symptoms, or at the very least, reduce the appearance of baldness. One such procedure is scalp micropigmentation.

It’s a popular non-surgical hair loss treatment that replicates a natural shaved head look. Let’s delve deeper into alopecia and assess whether scalp micropigmentation is a good treatment for it.

What Causes Alopecia?

The onset of alopecia is a result of underlying health problems in some cases. In others, studies show that alopecia is triggered by intense stress or physical trauma.

The physical factors of alopecia tell us that it’s completely harmless, but it can do a number on an individual’s self-esteem and confidence, consequently impacting their mental health.

This makes it no surprise that most people want to hide the effects of alopecia.

What Are The Traditional Remedies Of Alopecia?

The symptoms of alopecia can be concealed by injecting cortisone into the bald patches on an individual’s scalp. This prevents inflammation and protects the remaining hair follicles. However, this treatment is only useful if alopecia is in its early stages and hasn’t led to a lot of bald patches on the scalp yet. A drug with similar results is minoxidil. It improves the look of the hair by volumizing it.

Another treatment for the symptoms of alopecia is immunotherapy. This utilizes chemical irritants and introduces them to the bald patches. The dosage of the irritants is increased over time until an allergic reaction ensues and results in eczema and hair growth. This treatment is a little unorthodox and has shown promising results in only a few cases.

How Can Scalp Micropigmentation Help?

Scalp micropigmentation has helped countless individuals with alopecia effectively camouflage their symptoms. It creates the illusion of fuller hair by filling in your hairline and other bald areas on the scalp with different hues to replicate your natural hair color.

The minimally invasive treatment can treat bald patches as well as the entire scalp. Compared to other treatment options, scalp micropigmentation produces great results and helps individuals with alopecia regain their confidence.

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