Hair Loss vs. Hair Shedding: What’s the Difference?

Hair Shedding

Your hair is one of the most prominent features of your physical appearance and is also regarded as a prominent determinant of one’s beauty and sex appeal. In fact, hair and beauty are so closely linked that a survey done by Rogaine in 2004 revealed that of the 500 women interviewed, 24% said that losing hair was no different from losing a limb!

So, it’s extremely important to prevent hair loss and hair thinning. However, before you set out to treat your hair loss predicament, you need to determine whether you’re really experiencing hair loss or is it just hair shedding?

Confused? Well, you ought to be. But while the two may sound similar, hair loss and hair shedding are two completely different phenomena.

Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle

Your hair grows in three stages; anagen, catagen and telogen. During the anagen stage, your hair grows; this usually takes anywhere from 2 to 8 years, after which your hair enters the catagen stage. This takes roughly 2 to 3 weeks and it’s the stage when your hair stops growing. Finally, the telogen stage signifies the shedding of your hair and marks the end of the hair growth cycle. Telogen usually lasts for about 2 to 3 months. After this the cycle restarts and keeps repeating itself.

What is Hair Shedding?

Hair shedding is the final stage of the natural progression of your hair growth cycle (telogen). Therefore, hair shedding is natural and even healthy for your hair and scalp. In fact, you can shed up to 100 hair strands a day and it would still be considered normal.

However, if your hair fall exceeds 100 strands per day, that’s when you need to be concerned. That’s because, at any given point in time only 10% of your hair is in the final stage of hair growth. Given there are 100,000 hair strands on a human head on average, hair fall amounting to 100 strands is completely natural.

Anything beyond that is hair loss.

What is Hair Loss?

If you’re experiencing rapid hair fall and the hair count is more than 100, you’re losing hair! Hair loss causes your hair to thin down and soon bald patches start appearing around your scalp.

If you think you’re facing hair loss, get in touch with us. We provide professional non surgical hair loss treatment in Wilmington, DE for both, men and women to help prevent hair loss!

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