Hair Loss in Men: What Am I Losing Apart from my Hair?

Hair Loss in Men

Approximately 60% of those struggling with hair loss in the US are men. Our institution offers scalp micropigmentation in Delaware as a solution for men and women looking for hair loss treatment. What we have seen time and time again is that when people lose hair, it’s not just a physical loss.

Men and the Experience of Hair Loss: What’s it all About?

Though research does suggest that men and women experience hair loss differently, this does not take away from the psychological distress the same causes either gender. We’re going to focus particularly on the process of hair loss or pattern balding as experienced by men. More specifically, what exactly do we lose as men when we lose our hair?

Our Sense of Aesthetic

Even as men, ideas of beauty and aesthetic are often linked to the presence of a full head of hair. Even men who keep their hair short have it trimmed, styled and cut in a way that enhances how they look. Let’s face it. Many of us lads take serious pride in our hair even if we don’t openly admit it. If we didn’t we wouldn’t freak out so much due to hair loss!

Hair Loss in Men

The first thing we lose when we start losing hair is our sense of aesthetic. We lose the feeling that we look good attractive and appealing. Only those going through this really know the intensity of how miserable this can feel!

A Little Bit of Our Identity

Sure there are many men out there who rock bald heads and do well with it. Unfortunately, all of us may not be blessed with features that allow that to really work in our favor. For a lot of us, a little bit of our identity and who we are is associated with our hair.

This correlation of hair and identity though more prevalent in those identifying as women is also very much something many men can relate to. Losing hair means losing a piece of who you are. When you look in the mirror, it just does not feel the same.


This one is huge when it comes to men and hair loss. It doesn’t matter if men have braids, buzz cuts, a mixture of both or a corporate trim. Having a full head of hair does make a man feel more confident. This is not just in professional settings. Think about romance for just a minute. Not all of us associate the word bald with sexy, do we? This is even though it may be a thing!

The fact of the matter is, hair loss can well shatter a man’s confidence and add to a lot of stress and anxiety in social settings.

What to do Then?

If you’re a man struggling with hair loss who has just read this blog, you may be wondering what you could possibly do to improve your situation. Where there are numerous options you can try out, the one we offer and can testify to is scalp micropigmentation. Feel free to look into our hair loss solutions for men and give us a shout if you need any further assistance.

Remember lads, all isn’t lost just yet!             

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