Hair Loss During Adolescence: What Are the Causes?

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Hair loss is a common phenomenon in the US and it’s prevalent among people of all ages and genders. We commonly assume that one can only start shedding hair after they grow really old. This is partially true. 85% of US men lose all hair after they turn 50. However, in most cases, hair loss starts a long time back.

In this post, we will discuss adolescence hair loss and what causes it:


As children transition into adulthood, they undergo major bodily changes—a period that we know as puberty. During this time, it’s not just their bodies that change. There is also a significant change in their hormones, emotional traits, eating habits, and above all their hair growth.

The key hormone that is responsible for changes in hair structure and density is common among both women and men. This hormone is called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. However, it manifests in men more but varying amounts of testosterone are found among bodies of both the genders.

When testosterone reacts with a certain enzyme found in the body’s hair oil glands, it converts into DHT. This conversion eventually makes the hair fall by shrinking the size of the follicles. Usually, it takes some time for the body to level out the hormonal imbalance and reverse the changes on its own. Till then the child may experience hair loss.

Poor nutrition

We don’t only heat to quench our hunger. We eat to make every organ in our healthy well-nourished. Our diet must include the right supplements for the nails, skin, hair, bones, and teeth.

In the US, we are more focused on consuming more fats and starch during our adolescent years. As a result, we gain weight and assume that we are healthy. This is not always true. You need a proper intake of proteins and vitamins for healthy hair growth.

One of the most important nutrients that you need is Vitamin A. It promotes the growth of an oily substance called sebum. It’s this oil’s job to keep the scalp moisturized and provides an ideal breeding ground for hair to grow.

It’s also important you’re taking in the right amount of Vitamin C. One of the reasons our air may stop growing is free radical damage. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful oxidants that protect the hair against oxidative stress caused by these free radicals.

Hair Loss During Adolescence

Over styling

Most of us often get carried away by current trends and end up styling our hair almost every single day! Hairstyling damages our hair more than anything does. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, even the most harmless-looking treatments like coloring, perming, relaxing or ironing can damage your hair in the long run and weaken them. Since damaged hair is fragile, it breaks apart easily and eventually falls off. They initially start looking frizzy but may end up as bald spots.

Always air-dry your hair naturally. Skip conditioner—you don’t have to do that every day. Let your hair dry a bit before you style them. Wear your hair loosely; don’t pull them back in a tight bun. Above all, avoid over styling!

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