How Hair Health Can Boost Confidence

Healthy Hair Boost

Think of that girl in your office with the gorgeous afro, or the guy with hair so sleek he could easily give Chris Hemsworth a run for his money. Their hair isn’t the only thing setting them apart, but they certainly seem to be confident and self-assured, don’t they? If only you too could flaunt your hair like them!

With our non-surgical hair loss treatments, you certainly can!  Here is how our restoration techniques can help you with hair thinning and balding.

Boosts Your Self-Image

Hair is undoubtedly an important aspect of your physical appearance. Everything from the length and texture of your hair to how you style it adds to how you channel your unique identity. In addition to that, your hair also affects your own perceived attractiveness. This refers to how you see yourself through others’ eyes.  

A survey conducted to evaluate whether men perceive hair loss as a dent to their self-image confirmed this hypothesis. 70% of the participants reported that their hair was one of their most valued physical features. From these, 43% expressed concern over how hair loss meant losing an important element of their perceived personal attractiveness.  In addition to this, 42% expressed fear of going bald.

Whether we like it or not, hair is considered to be an indicator of physical attractiveness, not just by ourselves but also by the society at large. This is why hair loss near the crown or bald patches can impact how we view ourselves. With an effective hair restoration treatment, we can help redefine your self-image and perceived personal attractiveness. You’ll walk out of our clinic with a head full of hair and heightened self-confidence to match your new look!

Helps Prevent Psychological Stress

Studies have also highlighted the psychological impacts of having unhealthy or thinning hair. Hair loss and balding in particular can trigger feelings of acute anxiety, depression, and even body dysmorphia.

Both men and women experiencing hair thinning, either due to a chronic condition like alopecia or because of factors such as stress or inadequate diet, may undergo severe psychological breakdown because of this. As a result, they may try to camouflage the bald patches, feel extra conscious about their body image, and experience depression and severe anxiety.

This can be avoided through scalp treatments that cover bald spots and help boost your self-esteem.

Healthy Hair

Improves Your Social Life

While hair loss and balding may have caused you to skip social gatherings and stay out of sight, restoring techniques such as scalp micropigmentation can reverse these effects! The scalp treatment restores your self-esteem, giving you the confidence to step out with your head (and hair) held high!  Thus, instead of isolating yourself from family and friends because of embarrassment and fear, you’ll have a newfound confidence that’ll allow you to live a happier life.

We offer scalp micropigmentation services in Wilmington.  Get in touch with our team now!  

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