Female Hairlines: Debunking Common Myths

Female Hairlines

For centuries, women have been subjected to regressive gender stereotypes that dictate their physical appearance as much as their social behavior.

Feminist women are expected to look masculine. Female scientists are expected to abide by certain rules of vanity, to look like a scientifically-acceptable women. You see females in every walk of life, pressurized to look a particular way, and hair is a big part of it.

It’s hard to decide what’s more major: to have lusciously thick tresses, or the global problem of hair fall that women are battling with. Hairlines are receding faster than figures in their banks, and it’s a recognizable problem.

But still, there are some myths about them that need to be debunked in order to attend to the problem better.

Myth 1: Females have naturally high hairlines

On average, a female will spend $55000 on hair products in her lifetime, just to be able to disprove myths such as these. As if these statistics weren’t alarming enough, women are actively searching for reliable hairline surgeries to get the socially-desired hairline.

It’s considered unpleasantly masculine for women to have large foreheads with high hairlines. Not to mention, the emotional pressure of meeting these beauty standards have caused 40% women to lose significant amounts of hair.

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Myth 2: Female hairlines are supposed to be evenly dense

It’s acceptable for men to lose hair from their frontotemporal corners and the process of thinning starts as early as high school. While even a moderately receded hairline is deemed a ‘mature hairline’ for men, a similar concession isn’t allowed to women.

The myth that fuels such criticism is that females have an even density of hair all over the scalp. As a matter of fact, women can also have thinning hair at their temples and unfortunately, replicate the male tendency.

Myth 3: Wigs are the only option to achieving a feminine hairline

Torn between the need to meet conventional beauty standards and embrace their femininity, women are led to believe that the only solution to hairlines are wigs. Even though this is a non-invasive option, compared to surgical solutions, it’s still as impractical and short-term as can be.

What this myth defies is that androgenetic alopecia is a real biological condition in women. This condition proves that thinning occurs all over the head and not just near the hairline as in case of men.

If you’ve been subject to criticism based on these myths, it’s time you give us a try!

We offer non-surgical, SMP treatment for hair loss and micropigmentation for receding hairlines in women. With our treatment, you can have a fuller look without the pain or hassle of a surgery or a wig. Call us at 302-292-0380 for more details.

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