5 Popular Treatments to Manage Hair Loss and Thinning

Hair Micropigmentation for Men

Hair loss can be difficult to treat and manage, especially if it’s a genetic or medical condition. Permanent, irreversible hair loss is hard to manage because there are very few things that can help with the condition.

We specialize in hair loss treatments, in particular micropigmentation, but there are others that are popular with people. You can learn about what some of these treatments for thinning and hair loss are, below:

1.     Medication for hair loss

There are various types of medications for hair loss, but many don’t come without side-effects and issues. Ironically, a lot of medications also cause hair loss too, including those for acne, diabetes, and many other health conditions. Don’t just take hair loss medication on your own; consult with your doctor to get the right prescription.

2.     Surgical interventions

A lot of surgical interventions like transplants and replacement procedures are surgical in nature and require a lot of recovery time, but they remain a popular choice for many people. However, surgical interventions can be expensive, painful, and incompatible for those with health complications and immunity issues.

3.     Home remedies and hacks

Home remedies and DIY hacks are a great solution for a lot of problems, including excessive hair fall. However, they can’t really replace hair or make it regrow, especially if it results from health conditions. But the risk with them is the lack of evidence and data and use of harmful ingredients such as certain essential oils. Any remedy you try, be sure to do your research on its safety—it’s not worth the potentially permanent damage.

4.     Dietary intake and supplements

A lot of supplements aim to make up for nutritional deficiencies that result in hair loss. Certain vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients are essential to your hair’s health, and a lack of those can cause varying degrees and types of hair loss, which is why you should work to improve your diet and nutritional intake on the whole.

5.     Non-invasive in-clinic procedures

We specialize in offering hair loss treatments in DE that are non-invasive, have minimal downtime, and look natural. These pigmentation treatments work for both men and women and require only a few sittings to show lasting results.

To know more about the cost of scalp microdermapigmentation, you can call our clinic and speak to our team. We’ll provide you with recommendations and guide you on the procedure in more depth too.

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