4 Ways Hair Thinning Impacts Mental Health

The Effect of Poor Mental Health on The Body

Despite how common it is, losing your hair isn’t easy on anyone. With the personal and socio-cultural value attached to hair, it’s unsurprising that many of us struggle with this change to our appearance. The emotional and mental toll hair thinning and loss can take are undeniably tough, and it’s important that we address some of these challenges.

Some of the most common mental health impacts of hair thinning can appear in the following ways, and it’s important that we recognize them:

1. Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety can affect anyone for any number of reasons and causes, including something as challenging as hair thinning and loss. Given how important our hair is to many of us, with centuries of beauty standards, decades of pop-culture portrayals, and just human nature. You might find that it’s the other way round, where depression, anxiety, and continual stress contribute to and cause hair loss too.

2. Social withdrawal and isolation

Social withdrawal and feelings of isolation often accompany major physical changes like hair thinning and loss. You might feel lonely, and unwilling to be in social settings due to fear, embarrassment, and other negative—but valid—feelings you might be experiencing. It’s important.

3. Low self-esteem and self-belief

There are several studies looking at the effects of male pattern baldness on self-esteem, and most of them have found that the condition does, in fact, negatively affect confidence levels. This is largely because of the association of self-perception lack of confidence in your appearance that comes with the changes to your physical appearance. Even if the world doesn’t perceive you the same way, it can be difficult to convince your mind that.

4. Tough personal and professional relationships

With all of these challenges and difficulties when it comes to hair loss, a lot of times, it can be tough to retain a lot of relationships in your private ad professional life. Friends and family members, partners, colleagues may not understand what you’re going through or why you feel the way you do, you might channel your frustrations onto work, and it can be difficult to find a healthy avenue, but it’s important to do so for your mental health. There is always help available, and it could be a trusted friend, a romantic partner, or even a professional.

While a lot of people will be quick to judge and dismiss your mental health challenges, especially those resulting from hair loss, know that you are not alone. Our team at Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation understands how tough and alienating it can be to lose your hair, which is why we’re offering hair loss treatment in Wilmington. Contact our scalp micropigmentation clinic for more details.

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