4 Major Signs of Hair Loss You Need to Recognize

A man experiencing male pattern baldness and irreversible hair loss is seen working at his desk.

Permanent hair loss from conditions like alopecia, female and male pattern baldness affects millions of Americans and can be difficult to manage without intervention. This is largely because a lot of factors, such as genetic or medical, can be outside of our control and thus, makes it seem like there is nothing we can do.

However, looking at early signs of hair loss can help us stop it in its tracks. There’s a lot to know about the way we approach hair loss, especially male or female pattern baldness, but you can keep an eye out for the following and opt for various solutions and interventions, including scalp micropigmentation treatment:

1.     Look out for thinning at the crown

Thinning at the crown of your head can be one of the first signs of balding or hair loss. You’ll most likely see it at the crown, which is where it’s most noticeable. This is where bald patches and receding hairlines are also most noticeable, as hair loss typically appears in front.

2.     Hair texture seems thinner and finer

If you find that your hair looks a lot thinner and finer than before, it’s probably because it is. It’s worth getting your hair examined by a dermatologist or stylist to evaluate the extent of the damage. Hair loss can exhibit as hair thinning, too, not just baldness, especially for females.

3.     The emergence of bald patches and spots

Additionally, bald patches and bald spots can appear on the scalp in random places. If you notice the presence or development of these spots, it’s important that you consult a professional regarding this because it could be a sign of alopecia areata or other types of irreversible hair loss.

4.     Major increase in hair fall and shedding

It’s normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair a day, but if you find that you’re losing unreasonable amounts of hair or it’s falling in clumps, speak to a professional. Rapid and extensive hair loss could be the sign of long-term, irreversible conditions, but with early intervention can be managed more effectively.

Hair loss is a lot more common than we realize, but it can be an isolating experience nonetheless. It’s easy to feel like you’re alone or experience low self-esteem when you’re losing hair, but it’s important to know that there are several options still available to you. This includes scalp micropigmentation for both men and women. Contact us to know more about our procedure.

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