4 Celebrities Who’ve Experienced Hair Loss

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Many of us look toward our favorite celebrities as the epitome of fashion, style and as a guideline for us to model our appearance. It’s important that we recognize that celebrities are also just human. Many of them struggle with their appearance and work very hard to fit into society’s standards of attractiveness.

For many, hair loss and thinning has been a major struggle resulting from various factors, be it the stress of work, genetic male/female pattern baldness, constant styling, and product use, or other reasons, including health problems and conditions.

A lot of celebrities have remained vocal about their hair loss and continue to shed light on how common the issue is. Some of the most notable names include:

1.     Keira Knightley

The English actress has dozens of movies to her name and wore wigs for 5 years to allow her hair to rest, recover, and to conceal damage from years of repeatedly dying her hair. She talks openly about her hair loss and eventually being able to grow it back after childbirth.

2.     Viola Davis

The Oscar Award-winning actress is a phenomenal performer and presence and continues to amaze the world with her fierce, unapologetic self. She has struggled with hair loss from alopecia at age 28, and her journey from hiding behind wigs to embracing herself feeling confident in her skin.

3.     Bruce Willis

The iconic Die Hard star has made no effort to conceal his thinning hair and has embraced his look quite seamlessly. He continues to be the ultimate hero on screen, whether he’s taking down terrorists or playing a comedic cop, and looks great while doing so.

4.     Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson has perhaps one of the most diverse set of roles on screen, whether he’s a badass superhero, a badass contract killer, or a badass softie—and he does so while having experienced hair loss. He continues to be a fan favorite and experiment with his looks while having talked about the difficult transition from having hair to going bald and figuring out which look was right for him.

Hair loss can affect practically anyone and come without warning. It’s important that you seek help and treatment when it’s available to you to help you feel more confident and at ease. You can get in touch with us to know more about our SMP hair loss treatment. You can also learn more about the process of scalp micropigmentation for women and men here.

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