3 Reasons Why Styling Is Damaging Your Hair Follicles

Damaged Hair Follicles

We lose around 50 to 120 of our luscious strands every day. But this daily hair fall is a natural part of the hair regrowth process. Your hair’s growth cycle is spread over a period of three phases; the growth phase, shedding phase and the resting phase.

However, when you start noticing visible hair thinning around the crown and hairline, know that the cycle is disrupted. This happens because your hair follicles become damaged and scarred, which prevents the regrowth of your hair.

If you’ve started noticing extreme hair loss and hair thinning, then your hair styling choices might be to blame. Here’s why.

You Wear Tight Hair Styles

If you constantly wear your long locks in a messy bun, you’re probably causing irreplaceable damage to your hair follicles. Tight hairstyles such as braids, cornrows, buns and ponytails cause immense stress on the roots of your hair.

When that happens, your hair follicles are damaged and you develop traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss that’s characterized by thinning hair around the temples and the hairline.

It’s triggered by the repeated high-tension pulling of your hair during the hair styling process. To avoid damaging your hair follicles, try to avoid wearing tight hairstyles for too long. If you’re someone who doesn’t like getting hair in your face, opt for lose braids and ponytails instead.

You Don’t Brush Your Hair Unless You Really Need To

Your hair has a lifespan of 7 years and on average we all lose around 120 hairs per day. When you brush your hair, it helps loosen out the weak hair to make way for new ones. However, when you skip out on regular brushing, you trigger the process of hair thinning.

To encourage healthy hair growth, make sure to brush your hair more than once daily. The type of brush you use also matters. Always opt for a good brush with gentle fibers to simulate your scalp.

Additionally, avoid brushing your hair straight out of the shower! This is because your hair is most fragile when it’s wet. When you tug on wet hair with a brush, it can result in serious damage to your hair follicles.

Heat Styling

You Love Your Heat Styling Tools a Bit Too Much…

Do you love the look of your hair after a fresh blow dry? So do we! But styling your hair with heat styling tools too frequently can cause intense damage to your follicles over time.  

When you expose your hair to high temperatures, the hair shaft begins to weaken and breaks down. This causes your hair to become dry, brittle and more prone to damage.

To avoid causing permanent damage to your hair follicles, avoid using heat tools too frequently. If there are times when you must absolutely use a heat styling tool, make sure you use protective hair serums before styling.

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