3 Reasons Scalp Micropigmentation is the Perfect Solution to Hair Thinning

Scalp Micropigmentation

35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss across the United States. Millennials have it worse than before, which means the problem is getting worse.

Most people think that serious interventions aren’t the best solution for a simple case of mild hair loss. However, scalp micropigmentation is a great non-surgical option and here’s why it’s worth looking into.

As You Like It

If you feel like your hair has thinned over the years or if your hair was already thin to begin with, micropigmentation is a good option to try. Micropigmentation works by adding pigment into the scalp. This helps cover up the white patches where hair is sparse. Think of it like a tattoo—but for your scalp.

This works for people with thinning hair because you can customize the treatment as per your needs. If you only need the pigment in some parts of your head, you can ask for that. You can also ask your scalp micropigmentation service provider to add pigmentation more densely in some areas as opposed to others. You can control how you’ll end up looking.

Don’t Gamble With Your Hair

Infection is a real risk with procedures like hair transplants. You may have to be on antibiotics during the recovery process for transplants. With micropigmentation, the risk is significantly lower. Since this isn’t an actual surgery and the needle doesn’t actually cut into your skin, you are less prone to get an infection.

You do have to take care of your hair a little bit after the procedures, but those of us with thinning hair are usually already used to being very careful with our scalps. As far as hair thinning interventions go, this is one of the safer options in terms of infection.

Bounce Back Quicker

Who has the time for long recovery vacations from work? Today’s professionals definitely don’t! Micropigmentation is a great choice for busy professionals suffering from hair loss because it’s a day procedure with minimal recovery time.

As long as you follow the aftercare advice that your scalp micropigmentation clinic gave you, you should be good to get back to work. In places that have moderate climates, like Delaware or Philadelphia, even the heat and sun are not too big of an issue.

You’re also going to see the results much faster. In fact, the pigment is darkest right after a session. The color tends to adjust itself over the course of the sessions. This is very different from treatments like hair transplants or eating hair vitamins. The wait for actual results can take up to 6 months.

So don’t delay the decision to book your first scalp micropigmentation session any longer! Look for a company with experienced professionals near you.

Professionals like dermatology expert Brittany and motivational speaker Joseph have devoted their time to making sure that as many people as possible benefit from the procedure.

Call them at 302-292-0380 or contact them here to consult with them at Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation.

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