Join Us As We Support the LGBTQ Community

Join us as we collect funds to support the LGBTQ community and further the fight for greater representation and equity

While Delaware has come a long way in its support for the LGBTQ community, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, homophobia and transphobia are still prevalent across the city. When you extend outwards and develop a macro view of the nation, you realize that the cracks are identifiable everywhere.

The history of violence against the LGBTQ community is disturbing and extensive. At Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation, we’re committed to fighting against discrimination faced by the LGBTQ community. From demanding protective laws for LGBTQ folk to seeking justice for homophobic and transphobic atrocities, we want to actively do our part in helping the community.

We’re presently collecting funds to demand equitable laws, protect the LGBTQ community, and raise awareness regarding the prevalence of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes.

Violence against LGBTQ folk isn’t a far-fetched concept; it’s a concrete reality that many people are disconnected from because of their heterosexual privilege. In fact, LGBTQ minorities are at greater risk of being targeted by perpetrators because of their race, religion, or disability, among a wide range of other differences. This necessitates the focus on intersectionality within the discourse on equitable rights and protection for LGBTQ folk.

Here are some resources to help you support the LGBTQ community:


Educational Resource for LGBTQ Allies:

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information. We’re always happy to help.