Below is the most common Timeline for Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation works well for both men and women of any ethnicity. At DE-SMP every procedure is customized to each individuals face, and head size. Our Micropigmentation practitioners determine the appropriate pigment, and technique for each person, to ensure the best possible results. The average scalp needs about 2,000 microdots per square inch. The pain level is approximate to getting a tattoo; however, 90% of clients report minimum to no discomfort during the procedure. In our opinion the best comparison is to unfold a paperclip, and poke yourself in the arm multiple times, it’s more of an “annoyance feeling’, than a feeling of “pain”.

Each procedure is customized to that specific individual, because each person is Unique, with different facial features, and skin tones. However, Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation has a standard package that fits 85% of our patients.

First Few Sessions…

*****7-14 Day Gap to allow Ink to settle in skin*****

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(Start Process)

  1. Find out if you’re a candidate for SMP
  2. Discuss Goals
  3. Discuss Concerns

Session 1

(2-4 Hours)

  1. First Layer
  2. Create/Add on to natural hairline
  3. Build the foundation

Session 2

(1-4 Hours)

  1. Observe how skin reacts/healed with the Pigmentation
  2. Add density to scalp
  3. Build texture to make it look natural as possible

Session 3

(1-2 Hours)

  1. Finalize Hairline
  2. Add Details for final product
  3. Address any concern from the patient

Sessions 4 and 5…

*****6-8 Month Gap to allow Ink to settle in skin*****

Session 4

(1 Hour)

  1. Touch Up
  2. Lower hairline (if patient requests)

Session 5

(1 Hour)

  1. Touch Up
  2. Lower hairline (if patient requests)